My daughter's are princesses and I'm fine with that.

November 04, 2013  •  1 Comment

I am straying from the norm a bit today.  My posts are usually centered around our loss and my dealings with that.  However, today I am writing on something completely different but still dear to my heart.  Each time I see the idea of girls' being princesses being slammed it drives me bonkers, each time I see the girl who aspires to be a princess being put down it drives me insane, each time I hear someone say their daughter is more than a princess I want to ask, "Why?"  In this crazy down with princesses society I want nothing more for my girls than that-for them to be just like their favorite princess.  

Cinderella, oh yes she fell in love and lived happily ever after.  I'm wondering if anyone else actually heard the rest of the story, the part that lead up to her happily ever after.  The part in which as a young child her mother passed away.  How strong she must have been to go through such sadness at a young age.  Years later she looses her father.  I can't imagine loosing both of my parents in my childhood and handling that-not going into a downward spiral blaming the world for all my troubles.  How did Cinderella maintain her composure, how did she hold onto the values her parents surely taught her?  She was berated, bullied, forced into servitude for lack of a better word but never lashed out at anyone, never went into town stealing, hurting others, being mean and hateful.  No, she carried on, she found the good in every situation, she sang to help her get through each and every day.  She was a survivor.  She took the blows life dealt her and she hoped for something better and never gave up on that.  At her lowest moment she cried out for help and help she received.  I want my daughters to be strong.  I want my daughters to know life is not always fair, you are not always going to be surrounded by the nicest people, I want them to know it is okay to fall down and cry for help.  I want my girls to be survivors; I want them to be Cinderella.  

Belle, ahhh her happily ever after came on a cloud covered rainbow...oh wait no it didn't.  Belle was an educated young lady who loved to read.  She knew a bafoon when she saw him and didn't fall for his crazy pick-up lines or his bulging muscles.  She kept her nose in her book, she politely turned the bafoon down, and she stayed true to herself.  She adored her papa and supported him in all he did.  She didn't care what others thought of him or of her.  She worried about her papa and went out to find him when she knew something wasn't right.  She put herself in harms way to save her papa, she sacrificed her life of freedom so he could have his.  She chose to make the best of the situation and befriended those that were around her, even though they were strange and unlike herself.  She feared this big beast, she wanted nothing to do with him.  Yet, after time she was able to look past his rough exterior, she was able to go past that outer appearance and focus on what was inside.  She saw this beast for who he really was, a kind and gentle being.  She fought for those she loved-her papa and the beast.  She fought for what she believed in.  I want my daughters to fight.  I want them to look past the outer appearance of people and search for their spirits, find what is in their souls judging them by that not how they look.  I want them to be smart and educated.  I want them to believe in people and I want them to find the goodness in them.  I want my daughters to be Belle.  

Mulan, another star crossed romance, a life of leisure and.....Oh wait that's not right.  Mulan was being raised in a traditional home.  She was being groomed and prepared to be presented for marriage to a man she didn't know.  She didn't agree with this tradition and let it be known she didn't agree.  She lived in a home in which honor was so very important.  She wanted to be the one to step up and bring honor to the family despite being told she couldn't-she is a girl and girls don't fight in battles; they don't train as warriors; they don't do that.  She knew who she was and what she was capable of and she knew what honor meant to her family.  She took a huge risk and ventured out into a world she knew nothing about knowing the consequences should she be caught.  Caught she was, but she continued the fight-she continued to fight for what she believed in; her country, her families honor, and herself.  Mulan wanted more for herself and she was willing to go out and get it despite opposition.  I want my daughter's to want more for themselves, I want them to fight for what they believe in, and I don't want fear to hold them back.  I want my daughter's to be Mulan.

  They are strong girls who fight for what they believe in, who take the cards life hands them, who make the best of their situations.  They find the best in the people that surround them.  They are filled with love and hope and kindness.  They are survivors, they are fighters, they are believers, they are dreamers.  They are what I hope each and every one of my girls become.  If because they are these things they get a happily ever after with a man who loves and respects them because they are survivors, fighters, believers, and dreamers then so be it.  


Laura C.(non-registered)
That is a beautiful perspective! <3
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